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Disney Descendants 3 Costumes

Welcome to the world of evils! Here you are free to do whatever you feel like.

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the baddest of them all ". Don't you wanna be evil? Don't you wanna do mischief this Halloween?

We know you do, then be ruthless, be nasty and be awful, make your presence felt with our Descendant costumes, and dress like Uma, Evie and Audry only from PartyBell.

What's her name? What's her name? The name is Uma, daughter of Ursula(the witch of the sea) is all ready to take her vengeance on Mal, yeah! Friends turned foe, Uma is all busy conspiring against her number no rival." Shrimpy head", that's what Mal called Uma. But wait ! what? She helped Mal instead, how does that happen? Well, this is what friends are for, a friend in need is the friend indeed. Uma stands by her friend in defeating Audry. So she is in fact a soft-hearted cutie with a rough pirate look.

Do you know who is the best friend of Mal?

Evelyn Evie Grimhilde, the blueberry princess or as called by Mal "E" is her best friend. They are like sinister soul sisters. Evie daughter of the Evil queen is a jack of all trades, from being an excellent cook to a fashion designer, she rocks it all. She came to Auradon to look for her prince charming and a big castle with lots and lots of mirrors. But in the end, she realized her worth and of course, this super adorable girl can rule the world on her own.

Why was Audry so jealous of Mal? or was she?

Daughter of Prince Philip and Princess Aurora, Audry rose was always against the villain kids coming to Auradon. Well her mother was cursed by Maleficent(Mal's mother)to sleep for eternity until the kiss of true love wakes her up. So practically she should be thankful for Maleficent but instead, she held grudges against Mal and is extremely jealous of her. But! We cannot help but love Audry. Her confidence, her royalty, and her chic and happening look keep us awestruck.

Are you looking for a party theme?

Well, Disney descendants are no doubt the best and coolest theme ever. Who doesn't want to have a super cinematic party? We all want it, Right! so let us have one, start chilling like a villain. Bring out the cool vibes with the descendant costumes from PartyBell and get a naturalistic and high-end look. Be it any, rely on us for all, Halloween, Oktoberfest, Comic-con, or your Birthday party.

Why choose us?

Everyone wants to look extraordinarily when it comes to festivities. Dressing up for a particular occasion or a specific theme and justifying the costume is not easy peasy. There is always an emotion attached to it.PartyBell understands that emotion, we understand how important it is for you to validate what you wear and why are you wearing it. So that you don't have to put that extra effort, into finding what you need, PartyBell does it all happily for you. Be it Disney descendants, Super Mario, Monster jam, Marvels, or Avengers we try to give you the best of all the rest.

Descendants Audrey Girls Child Costume
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Descendants Uma Girls Child Costume
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Mal Classic Child Costume
Size: 4-6x
Descendants 3: Mal Deluxe Child Costume
Size: S
Descendants Evie Girls Child Costume
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Descendants Mal Girls Child Costume
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Girl's Audrey Deluxe Halloween Costume
Size: S
Uma Classic Child Costume
Size: 4-6x


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