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Thanksgiving Day Costumes

Thanksgiving Day is a beloved holiday in the United States, celebrated with gatherings of family and friends, feasts, and gratitude.

Thanksgiving Costume Ideas for Adults

When it comes to Thanksgiving costume ideas for adults, there is a wide variety to choose from to add a festive touch to your celebrations. Popular options include costumes like the Women Native American Maiden Costume and Sexy Cherokee Princess Costume, which draw inspiration from the rich cultural heritage associated with Thanksgiving. For a quirky and humorous twist, you can opt for unique choices such as the Ride a Chicken Adult Costume, adding a playful element to your Thanksgiving gathering.

For a historical touch and to enhance your Thanksgiving Day festivities, consider classic Thanksgiving costumes like the Ben Franklin Colonial Man Adult Costume or Mens Red Alexander Hamilton Costume, paying homage to the Founding Fathers of America. Pilgrim Man Adult Costume and Colonial Woman Costume are also timeless choices, reflecting the traditional attire of the early settlers. These Thanksgiving costumes are not only historically significant but also add a unique charm to your celebration, making them perfect choices for your Thanksgiving Day festivities. If you're looking to infuse a bit of fun and playfulness into your Thanksgiving Day celebrations, the Bunny Mascot Adult Costume is an excellent option for Thanksgiving Day costumes. It's sure to bring smiles to both children and adults alike during your Thanksgiving festivities.

When planning your Thanksgiving costume, it's essential to consider comfort and appropriateness. Opt for Thanksgiving costumes that align with the spirit of the holiday and promote cultural sensitivity. Regardless of your choice, these costumes are sure to add an element of excitement and creativity to your Thanksgiving gathering, making the day even more memorable. Thanksgiving costume ideas for adults encompass a wide range of options, from traditional Pilgrim and Native American-inspired outfits to humorous and quirky choices like animal mascots. By selecting the perfect costume, you can embrace the festive spirit of Thanksgiving and create lasting memories with friends and family.

Kids Thanksgiving Day Costumes

Kids Thanksgiving Day costumes are a fantastic way for children to immerse themselves in the festive spirit while learning about the rich history and diverse cultures of the United States. There is a wide array of Thanksgiving costumes available, catering to various preferences and interests. One popular choice for boys is the Colonial Boy Costume, which goes back to the early American settlers' era. This outfit includes tricorn hats and breeches, giving children a glimpse into the clothing styles of the past. Similarly, the Colonial Girl Child Costume offers girls the opportunity to don bonnets and dresses, embracing the Thanksgiving theme in an elegant and historically accurate manner.

For those wanting to celebrate the indigenous culture of America respectfully, the Native American Princess Child Costume is a beloved option. This attire typically consists of fringed dresses, beaded accessories, and feathered headbands, allowing children to pay homage to Native American heritage while enjoying the festivities. Patriotic themes are also prevalent in Thanksgiving costumes. The Boys Patriotic Soldier Costume is a top choice for boys interested in military history. This costume comes complete with military-inspired uniforms, hats, and badges, enabling children to embody the spirit of soldiers who have played significant roles in American history.

These Thanksgiving costumes do more than just add excitement to the celebrations, they offer children an educational experience. By dressing up as historical figures or embracing the traditions of Native American cultures, kids can learn about the country's diverse heritage. Thanksgiving Day costumes not only allow children to participate in the festivities with enthusiasm but also foster a sense of unity and cultural appreciation during the holiday season. When it comes to selecting the perfect Thanksgiving costume, there are numerous Thanksgiving costume ideas to explore. Whether a child chooses to be a colonial figure, a Native American princess, or a patriotic soldier, they can enjoy Thanksgiving Day in style, all the while gaining a deeper understanding of the United States' rich history and culture.

Thanksgiving Day costumes bring joy and togetherness to the holiday celebrations, offering a delightful way for both kids and adults to embrace the festive spirit. From classic pilgrim outfits to creative and educational choices like Native American-inspired outfits, these costumes make the day memorable. By promoting cultural appreciation and unity, they enhance the holiday experience. Explore a wide variety of Thanksgiving costumes at and make your celebration truly special.

Colonial Officer Adult Costume
Size: One Size
Colonial Boy Costume
Flash Sale
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Colonial Woman Costume
Size: L(11-13)
Little Colonial Boy Child Costume
Size: S, Color: Blue
Pigrim Lady Adult Costume
Pilgrim Boy Child Costume
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Pioneer Boy Child Costume
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Pious Pilgrim Man Adult Costume
Size: Standard, Color: Black
Turkey Toddler Costume
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Chicken Costume
Size: Infant
Child Princess Lilly Costume
Size: S
Colonial / Pilgrim Girl Child Costume
Colonial Girl Child Costume
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Colonial Lady Adult Costume
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Colonial Lady Costume
Size: Size XS
Indian Boy Child Costume
Size: X-L
Inflatable Christmas Roast Turkey Adult Costume
SIze: One Size
King Crab Adult Costume
Size: One-Size, Color: Red
Mens Red Alexander Hamilton Costume
Size: XS
Native American Brave Costume Adult
Size: One Size Fits Most
Patriotic Colonial Girl Costume
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Adult Black Colonial Knickers
Size: XL
Belly Babies Holiday Turkey Costume Child Toddler
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Ben Franklin Colonial Man Adult Costume
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Bunny Mascot Adult Costume
Size: XL
Chick Inflatable Adult Costume
Size: One-Size
Colonial / Pilgrim Girl Child Costume
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Colonial Cap & Apron Child Costume Kit, One Size
Size: One Size
Colonial Girl Child's Costume
Size: X-L
Colonial Girl Costume Child
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Colonial Woman Costume
Size: S
Lil' Gobbler Infant / Toddler Costume
Size: 18 Months/2T, Color: Brown/Orange
Little Colonial Miss Child Costume
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Native American Brave Costume Adult Men
Size: Standard One Size Fits Most
Native American Indian Princess Dress Costume Child
Size: L
Nun Adult Costume
Size: One-Size, Color: Black
Pioneer Girl Costume Child
Size: L
Pioneer Woman Adult Costume
Size: M
Plush Chicken Toddler Costume
Size: One-Size
President George Washington Adult Costume
Size: XS (36-38)
Roast Turkey Adult Costume | One Size
Size: One Size
Sexy Cherokee Princess Costume
Size: S
Sexy Pilgrim (hester/scarlet Letter) Adult Costume
Color: 4-6 S
Southern Belle Costume
Size: Size S
Thanksgiving Pilgrim Boy Costume Child
Size: M
Thanksgiving Pilgrim Girl Costume Child
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Western Halter Women's Costume
Size: One Size
Chicken Adult Mascot Costume
Size: One Size


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