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Hulk Costumes

A Man or a Monster or is he both? Fantasy, him as you like! This is how Hulk was introduced into the world of comics.

Bob Banner Or Bruce Banner

Hulk Mad! Obviously, he would be, if you would not call him by the right name. Well, this is astonishing and funny at the same time, Mr. Stan Lee the writer and creator of the character once confessed himself, that for some good chunk of time, he wrote the name of Hulk to be Bob Banner instead of Bruce Banner as he got confused between the two, but then he came up with the permanent solution to this and added Robert as Hulk's first name, and finally, the character was called Robert Bruce Banner A.K.A. the Hulk.

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No Readers for Hulk

Exactly, how is this possible? It may seem unrealistic now, but this is true. During its initial phases, the Hulk got almost canceled, as it didn't get as successful as other marvel superheroes. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were getting mentally prepared to withdraw it from the market when a silver lining appeared, a letter of appreciation addressed to Mr Jack Kirby came from a college student regarding the Hulk. This letter gave an idea and inspiration to both, and they changed the storyline of the Hulk which thereafter became incredibly amazing.

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There is none, who has not tasted defeat at the hands of the Hulk, he is undoubtedly the strongest of all, and certainly undefeated, do you know why? Well, this is because Hulk is immortal, there is a realm below where all gamma rays mutants go once they die, and there is a green door that allows them to return to life. So once a Hulk, always a Hulk.

The Sweet-Accident 

It may not be sweet for Bruce Banner, for obvious reasons, but it is for the worldwide fans and readers of Hulk, it may sound weird but if there was no accident, there was no Hulk, so the accident was quintessential for Hulk to happen. Doctor Bruce banner, the greatest scientist, reputed biochemist, and neuro-physicist, was basically working for the American army ,when he got accidentally exposed to gamma rays to save Rick Jones. And it was so that led to the biochemical changes in his blood and DNA, which when he was enraged changed him into a gigantic monster with super-strength or as we know Hulk.

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Handsome Hulk

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby actually wanted Hulk to be gray in color, but the printers could not print the needed shade, it was either printed in a shade lighter or a shade darker than required, the final print came out as a green color, which finally suited the character well and was decided to be his color.

Wolverine and Hulk

Wolverine and Hulk have always had their horns locked against each other. There is nothing in the world that could possibly harm Hulk except Adamantium, and wolverine by god's good grace or ill fate has his claws made up of..? And you guessed it right Adamantium! Even though Hulk has got skin with self-healing properties, but still the presence of a wolverine, makes him vulnerable.

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