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Halloween Scary, Gothic & Vampire Party Supplies & Decorations

Welcome to the spine-chilling world of Halloween Scary, Gothic & Vampire Party Supplies & Decorations at Partybell.

Embrace the darkness and indulge in our themed Gothic party supplies that will cast an enchanting spell on your guests. From scary table settings to spooky centerpieces, every detail will transport your guests to a dark and mysterious world. Create an atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your guests as they step into a realm where vampires roam and ghouls lurk in the shadows.
Whether you're hosting a spooky vampire soiree or a Gothic bash, our handpicked selection will ensure your Halloween party is one to remember. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the ominous charm of our Gothic party decorations and let the hauntingly good times begin. is your ultimate destination for all things Halloween, delivering the most spine-chilling experience for your festivities.

Get ready to spook up your Halloween party with these Gothic, scary, and vampire-themed party supplies and decor. From creepy Foam skulls to a Jack Skellington pumpkin that glows eerily, your celebration will be fantastic. Don't miss the gigantic climbing spider and the Nightmare Before Christmas board featuring Jack Skellington. Hang the spooky zombie eyes and a light-up witch to unleash fear on your guests. The climbing wicked witch adds a frightening touch to any surface, while zombie-themed plates and cups ensure a thrilling dining experience. Complete your Halloween ambiance with a Day of the Dead pillow and a trick-or-treat banner. Get your Vampire party decorations online now and enjoy a chilling Halloween celebration.

Halloween Haunts: Gothic, Scary & Vampire Party Supplies & Decor

1. 6 " Foam Skull

Get ready to spook up your home this Halloween with the must-have 6-inch Foam skull. Turn your living room into a creepy Halloween fun zone when you start with this high-quality Styrofoam replica skull with aged and injured detail. Add some fake spider webs or full skeleton replicas to amp up this standard look of Halloween decor.

2. NBC Jack Light Up 16" Pumpkin

The NBC Jack Light Up 16" Pumpkin is a Halloween decoration that looks like Jack Skellington from "The Nightmare Before Christmas." It's 16 inches tall and has a cool feature where it lights up to add a spooky vibe to your Halloween party. This pumpkin is perfect for vampire party decorations as it fits the theme of darkness and adds a fun and eerie touch to the celebration. It's easy to use and will make your vampire party even more exciting with its glowing presence. So, get ready to have a fantastic time with this Jack Skellington pumpkin at your vampire-themed party.

3. 15 Ft Gigantic Climbing Spider

Get ready for a spine-chilling surprise at your Gothic party with the 15 Ft Gigantic Climbing Spider. This massive black arachnid will dominate your outdoor Halloween decor, leaving trick-or-treaters astonished. Rain or shine, this creepy crawly creature is here to stay, creating a statement that'll thrill your guests. Add excitement to your party with Gothic party supplies.

4. 20.5 Inch NBC Hanging 3 Face Jack Board

The NBC Hanging 3-Face Jack Board is a gothic party decoration. It features three spooky faces of Jack, perfect for Halloween-themed gatherings. The board adds a creepy and fun atmosphere to your party, making it a great addition to your gothic-themed decorations. It's an easy way to set the mood and entertain guests with its unique and chilling design. Get ready to spook and delight your guests with this eerie decoration.

5. Hanging Zombie Lu Eyes

This Hanging Zombie Lu eye includes one hanging prop. If you're looking for some spooky decoration items this Halloween to make your house stand out, then don’t forget to pick up our Zombie Eyes Hanging Decoration. Get ready for spooky fun with our creepy zombie decor. Turn your house into a haunted haven loved by kids and neighbors. Buy your zombie decoration now and explore our site for more Halloween Vampire party decorations to spook up your home inside and out. 

6. 3' Hanging Light up Witch

The 3' Hanging Light-Up Witch is a Halloween decoration that features a witch figure suspended from a string, designed to be hung from a ceiling or tree. The witch is illuminated with LED lights, creating a spooky and festive ambiance. It's a fun and easy way to add a touch of Halloween spirit to your home or vampire party decorations.

7. Climbing Witch

Get ready to spook your neighbors with our 5' feet tall Spooky Climbing Wicked Witch. Dressed in a tattered robe with wispy hair, she's truly terrifying. You can easily pose her in different spooky positions with the attached hooks and wire limbs. Hosting a gothic party? This witch is a must-have decoration. Place her on any surface, and she'll send chills down your guests' spines. Embrace the undead spirit and get your Gothic party supplies ready for a frightfully fun time. Don't miss out on this eerie addition to your Halloween decor. The dead never stays dead these days, so let's give them a warm welcome.

8. Zombie Party Decor 7" Dessert Plate (8)

The Zombie Party Decor 7" Dessert Plate is a set of eight small plates designed for a fun and spooky party theme. Each plate has a size of 7 inches, making them perfect for serving desserts or snacks at the party. The plates feature a cool zombie-themed decoration that adds a creepy and exciting touch to your celebration. They are great for Halloween parties, zombie-themed birthdays, or any event with a spooky twist. With these plates, you can turn your gathering into a thrilling and memorable zombie party experience.

9. Zombie Party Decor 9oz Cups (8)

The Zombie Party Decor 9oz Cups come in a pack of 8 and are perfect for adding spooky fun to your party. These cups feature a cool zombie-themed design, making them a great addition to any Halloween or zombie-themed celebration. They can hold up to 9 ounces of your favorite beverages, such as juice, soda, or punch. The cups are made of durable material, ensuring they won't easily spill or break during the party. With these vampire party decorations, you can serve drinks to your guests in a fun and creepy style, making your gathering a memorable and thrilling experience.

10. Pillow - Day of the Dead

This Day of the Dead Pillow comes with a pillow. With the addition of this Day of the Dead Pillow, your Halloween gothic party decorations will be complete. With this beautiful pillow that looks fantastic on couches, beds, or anywhere else, your Day of the Dead celebration is on its way to having an ambiance that everyone will adore. It is made of high-quality materials. When you browse our whole range of Day of the Dead home decorations, you'll discover even more fantastic ideas. Don't put it off until the last moment. While supplies last, place your order.

11. Trick or Treat Halloween Banner 18" x 61"

Transform your party into an extraordinary event with our high-quality banners. Available in three sizes, our durable, heavy-duty vinyl banners are built to withstand kids' playful energy and any weather. Easy indoor and outdoor hanging is ensured with metal grommets. Don't miss out on this affordable and fantastic way to elevate your celebration. Convert your celebration into an unforgettable event with these durable and eye-catching banners.

12. Skeleton Lawn Decoration

Skeleton Lawn Decoration is a spooky, Halloween-themed ornament that resembles a human skeleton, typically made of plastic or foam. It's used to decorate lawns and outdoor spaces during the Halloween season, adding a fun and creepy atmosphere to festivities. Kids and adults enjoy its eerie charm and frightful appeal. For vampire party decorations, you can complement the Skeleton Lawn Decoration with blood-red velvet drapes, fake vampire fangs, coffin-shaped serving trays, black and red candles, Gothic-inspired centerpieces, and vampire-themed banners.
Get ready to spook up your Halloween party with Gothic, scary, and vampire-themed supplies from Creepy foam skulls, glowing Jack Skellington pumpkins, climbing spiders, and the hanging witch will create a chilling ambiance. Don't miss the zombie-themed plates and cups for a thrilling dining experience. Complete the look with a Day of the Dead pillow and a trick-or-treat banner. Shop online now for a fantastic Halloween celebration.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington 6" White Light-Up Pumpkin
Color: White
Five Nights at Freddy's 9oz Paper Cups
Please select an option above!
Orange LED Light Projection
Size: One Size
60" Posable Skeleton
Size: 5 Feet
8" Skull Candy Bowl
Color: White
3D Head In Jar Prop
Size: One Size
Five Nights at Freddy's 7" Dessert Plates
Name: Pack of 8
Grave Mound Ground Prop
Size: One Size
Forks & Spoons - Black
Name: Pack of 8
The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington 17" Wreath
Color: White
Five Nights at Freddy's Invitations
Name: Pack of 8
20.5 Inch Skeleton Spider
Size: 20.5", Name: One Size
Animated Witch Hand Candy Bowl
Size: One Size, Color: Orange
Bag 'O Bones For Scary Decoration
Color: White
Glow In The Dark Treat Bag
Size: One-Size
City Morgue Corpse 6 Ft. Bag
Size: One Size
The Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack Skellington Hanging Poseable Character
Size: One-Size
Bloody Bathroom Shower Curtain
Name: Pack of 1
Boys Light Up LED Skele-bones Costume
Size: M
Dungeon Décor Stone Wall Backdrop
Size: One Size
Hanging Skull Lu Eyes
Size: One Size
Happy Halloween 18 in. Tinsel Burst Spray Centerpiece
Size: 18 in. tall x 2.5 in. diameter base, Name: Pack of 2
Gallon Of Blood
Size: One Size
Ghostly Group Lawn Ornaments - Small
Size: One Size
Hocus Pocus Winifred Pumpkin Push-Ins
Size: 11.42 x 1.77 x 12.60
NBC Jack Light Up 16" Pumpkin
Size: One Size
The Nightmare Before Christmas Mini Tombstone Set Jack/Sally/Zero
Size: One Size
Zombie Garden Gnome
Color: Silver/Red
Black Star Foil Balloon
Name: Pack of 1
Dragon Skeleton
Size: One Size
Ghost Party Scene Airblown
Color: White
Meat Hook And Chains
Size: OS
The Wizard of Oz Badge Of Courage
Flash Sale
Size: One Size, Color: Gold
33 in. x 12 in. MDF Cauldron Spell Yard Stake
Size: 33 in. tall (assembled) x 12 in. wide, Name: Pack of 1
36" Pumpkin Man on Swing Hanging Halloween Décor
SIze: One Size
Gallon Of Fog Liquid
Size: One Size
Hanging Slashing Bat Animated Prop
Color: Brown
Skull & Roses Wreath
Size: NS
The Nightmare Before Christmas Spooky Cheesecloth Banner (36" Long)
Color: Multi-colored
The Wizard of Oz Heart Clock
Flash Sale
Size: One Size, Color: Red
3Pc Boo Lawn Set
Size: One Size
Giant Floating Ghost 12 Ft. Lightshow Airblown Inf
Size: One Size
Giant Spider Web Decoration
Size: One Size
Hanging Clown Light Up Eyes
Size: One Size
Light Up Door Cover-Skull
Size: Size S
Mini Sign - Happy Halloween
Size: One Size
Realistic Plastic Skull
Size: One Size
Skull Wreath with Lights
Name: Skull Wreath w/light

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